Rays in Geometry

The concept of order of point present in a line present in the line is called a ray or a half line; it may be defined as well. A ray is a small part of the line. This is finite in one direction and infinite in another direction. A ray can be defined using two points. The following figure sows that. In this the point A is he initial point and one another B. the ray is all the line segments present in the points between A and Band together with all the points C on the given line through A and the point B. So the points appear in the order A, B and C

Rays in Geometry:

The geometry rays are explained as follow with its examples are given as follows:

Definition of a Ray

 The ray is defined as, it is start from the end point of the line or particular part of the line and the rays expand in one direction endlessly. The also known as half-line.


Meaning of ray in geometry

          The extension of line on the one direction which gives name ray

          The moving of ray in one direction is followed by the first place which gives the name ray.

 In the figure Q is the extension point and P is a end point. Therefore, the ray PQ denoted as,


Example 2:

This ray known as QP as it begins at Q and extends towards P. Therefore, the ray QP is denoted as:


Example for Ray in Geometry:

The example of rays in geometry is given as follow:

Example 1 for rays in geometry:

Find the ray from given figures?



The ray is defined as, a ray Begin with the end point or particular points and its extending in one direction endlessly.

The named a ray, among the figures given only Figure 2 represents a ray.

Basic rules for Rays in geometry:

 I) Endpoint

 II) Part of a Line

 III) Angle

 IV) Vertex

Example 2 for rays in geometry: